Coke Float Macaroons

In one of our late night discussions somehow I thought it would be a cool idea to take soda and put them in a macaroon.  I was super surprised that almost no one has really dived into the world of soda pastries.  When I say soda pastries I don’t just mean dumping a can into anything I’m talking about rethinking of a dessert to make you think your drinking a soda.  So why not a coke float…in a macaroon. 

Instead of boiling down a can of soda to a syrup Hubs suggested I use Cola Syrup.  You can go to your pharmacist and ask for it.  Just make sure they don’t give you colon syrup……ewwwwwwwwww.   Any who cola syrup is  used for nausea and upset tummies.  You can also just add some soda water to it and viola! Instant coke.  I  wasn’t sure on how much to add so to the macaroon mixture i took out my vanilla and added 4 TB of cola syrup.  There was just enough to get a hint of it so I added a bunch to my buttercream to help bring it out some more. 

Not a very good picture sorry.  Macaroons are not my specialty by any means..In fact I hate making them.  Mainly because Im super OCD about my pastries and my macaroons never turn out as pretty as I would like.  My friends loved them and said that they did indeed taste like a coke float.  I think next time it wouldn’t hurt to add more cola syrup anyways.  I would really like to do some root beer float ones as well, but we shall see.


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