Call me the cookie monster!

I’m hosting a party tomorrow and I have been baking up a storm.  Since we’ll be crafting all day (and drinking) I decided to make button cookies.  All you do is get 2 different sized circle cutters, or piping tips.  The bigger one is to cut out your shape, and the smaller is to make a ring so it look like the lip of a button.  With another small tip you just punch out holes.  It’s the most fancy cookie you’ll get with little work.  Well unless your  making 100 like I did today. 


Halfway through I got bored and decided to play with some stamps I got from the craft store.  If your stamping a cookie you want to make sure that the ridges are deep.  There are alot of stamps that are basically smooth and are no bueno for cookie stamping.  After doing a few just plan stamped I decided I wanted to play with some colors.  I learned that regular liquid food color is to runny and spreads as it bakes, and the gel doesn’t work at all.  So what I ended up doing is half orange food dye and half red gel dye.  I got the perfect mix of not to thick and not to runny.


Here’s a closer look:

Now I want to go run out and buy more stamps!  This saved me so much time today.  Will you try it out next time you bake?


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