The Good And The Bad

This weekend my family got the worst flu ever.  I mean it was bad..sheets were ruined, hubs was reduced to a blob on the couch.  Even my Inlaws had it bad enough to where they went almost a whole week without seeing the kids.  During that time of no energy and self loathing I got some awesome stuff that really started to perk me up. 

First I won a twitter contest from Slash Food and recieved 2 cookbooks. ” Cooking Know-How” is really going to help me learn my way around the kitchen.  If it ain’t dessert I usually don’t make it (unless is mexican food cuz im a Mexi-CAN).  The other is “Fresh From The Market “which I am even more excited about cooking from.  It’s broken down into seasons, menu courses, and even cocktails!  It has a great conversion/cook time table in the back and it’s just a really great book.  Not many cookbooks have me drooling at every page.  I’m really looking foward to make some of the recipes for a brunch I’m hosting on Saturday.

That same day I got my patterns from Mccall’s, my Moo MiniCards, little birds nests for hats, and my “Saturday Night Hat ” book.

I also somehow managed a few crafts this week and a dress for bella. 

Not too shabby huh?  So that was the good.  The bad, well the bad was everyone was sick and I had to put up with it 😉

*My opinions are mine and mine along, this is not a paid post.


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