Let’s Gather Round Or Not

So yesterday we got a new dining room set. In reality you can probably say it’s our first. We’ve always had a table and never chairs…I think the only time I’ve ever sat at a table for dinner was either at a restaurant or my moms. Anyways sitting at the table as a family was always a dream of mine. No T.V., no spills, no food being tossed around ending in me scrubbing the carpet every night. So last night for the first time our family sat down at the table.

I wish it could have been like in my dreams. Kids all cleaned, dinner perfect, but that it was not.

Michael has an obsession with spaghetti squash. He decided to use it like actual pasta, cream, broccoli, and ignored the fact non of us like it. He made a ridiculous amount that had to be tossed because no one ate it except for him. Then we also had fried eggplant. Well…I ended up having an allergic reaction. Half my face on the side I was chewing exploded into a puffy mess. My throat closed up and I was itchy as hell. Of course like with pineapple and kiwi’s I kept eating it despite the itchiness happening inside my throat. This is about the time were the kids started fighting and throwing food. Bella fell off ending up sorta choking, Arthur was screaming at her to shut up. Good times.

Will I ever get my dream family dining experiece…..probably not.


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