Smiles & Frowns

The weather has been absolutely horrible.  While spring has come to the midwest, it came in the form of rain…lots of rain.  To top it off there now saying its going to snow…..boooo 😦 So much for spring. 

Due to the dreay weather change I developed a little flu bug.  So instead of posting I have been sleeping on the couch as the children destroy the house.  Gotta love half awake parenting.  My post on olive oil cookies has been half eaten and I still have yet to to fix what I wanted to fix (cookies to cruncy/but family loves them/me not so much).  Crafts weep because I have ignored them for the comfort of tv and a comfy new couch.  Pretty much I’ve just been letting the weather get the best of me.

Today was a bit  better though as Hubs and I discussed the sad passing of Elizabeth Taylor and we talked of the women who inspire me.  Which lead to us talking about things that make us happy and things that make us frown.

Shall I share them with you?

Things that make me smile:

  1. My new “I’m Huge On Twitter” threadless t-shirt
  2. Quoting Labyrinth and annoying my family
  3. There making a cutting board for my ocd chefness
  4. My 4 year old son telling his dad “booyah in yo face man!” after winning a game
  5. Seeing a owl fly by and finding out it lives in the backyard tree. “GOBLIN KING GOBLING KING I CAN BEAR IT…” sorry I get carried away.


Things that make me frown:

  1. Finding out a hawk lives in the front tree and then witness it catch a mouse (or possibley one of my baby bunnies)
  2. Big kid farts
  3. My son telling me that he’s going to marry his two girlfriends because the man on tv has four.
  4. Husband farts
  5. Getting behind on blogs posts and food/craft projects

Yes this is a filler blog until I get my olive oil recipe with it 😉 Also coming is a pacman hairpiece and hopefully the Team Coco army hat.


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