Soft Core Crafting

With the combination of family visits, gloomy weather, and a moody sewing machine my crafting has been put aside.  Pretty much since my family visits I’ve been laying around with the kids and eating junk food.  Our PorkBellyWar has lit the fire under my butt and I have been getting back into the crafting/baking mood. 

I visit the craft store every week, if not more, and the piles of trendy buttons, felt, and pretty fabric is now in this huge pile dying to be played with.  Somehow I got the balls to make a dress, as I am obsessed with apron dresses to wear over jeans.  I’m not going to lie I cheated big time by buying the premade stretchy tube top material, but it didn’t come out half bad considering my machine wasn’t showing the love last night.

This is me snort laughing at my hubs trying to get me to do “Tigah Face”. He was trying to do an italian suave voice and it came out more like a whiney asian drag queen.

I plan on making a whole bunch of apron/shirt/dress combo’s to wear this summer with some old tees I really don’t wear.

Also I made these for my etsy store and some fork earings..but I need to fix the earrings before posting them up.

Pretty no?!  Anywho that is what I worked on this week.  Right now I’m working on a pacman headpiece that will hopefully be rockin’.  Hope to post soon, I owe you guys my olive oil cookie recipe 🙂


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