Back On Track

My Mom has come an gone and I already miss her.  We had a blast!  The day she flew in we went to the Shedd Aquarium, and the next day we spent in Chicago shopping.  Then the rest of her visit we spent vegging around the house.  She was awesome enough to bring her scissors and cut my hair and the kiddos.  So now I don’t look all mullety.  The kids were devestated when she left, more so because we didn’t make a point of telling them she was leaving.  So when we came home no grams in tow the tears began.

Now that she’s gone we are trying to get back on schedule.  The kids stayed up way past their bed times so now there all wacked out and cranky.  Plus there’s getting the house back in order and finishing all those projects I need to work on.  Which has now doubled bc Hobby Lobby had a sale on patterns at 99cents a pop. 

So far it has been tough, the kids are super crazy, maddie has colic, my sewing machine is being wonky, I cut my fabric the wrong way and had to buy more, I forgot a gagillion things at the craft store, and I have pastry orders I need to fill.  Oh and an etsy store to launch.  I wouldn’t be so frazzled if the house wasn’t so dirty…but I mean really do I want to clean right now…No I really don’t. 

So what are my have to do plans?  Well aside from launching my etsy store, I need to do my post on olive oil cookies, finish a few projects, and I guess clean.  We shall see how it goes. Wish me luck 🙂


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