Millenium Falcon & More Poppies


The kiddos must be getting sick or something because they were unusually good today.  So good that I could sit down and work on some more crafts.   I decided to take a whack at the millenium falcon which actually turned out to my liking.  Him & the TIE fighter will be going on cocktail hats I think.  Which I should be making soon because my sewing machine arrived 10 days early!  The poppies I think will be headbands but will see how crazy I get with my machine.  Now to stop avoiding the much dreading cleaning of the house.  My mom will be arriving sunday for a week stay 🙂  She hasn’t seen maddie since she was born and the kids miss her alot.  It should be tons of fun.  I’ve planned a Mommy Daughter day in Chicago, a girls night with my MIL and best friend Kristen joining us then the rest well just wing.  I’ll post when I can. P2210008P2210011


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