Absinthe Got Me Knocked Up

You may remember last year at a certain absinth tasting party….err I got knocked up.  It seems like every baby gets worse in drama/complications and #3 had to outdo 2 births before her.  The last few weeks I could not walk at all and ended up in a morphine/awesome druged up state until my Dr found out and procedeed to beat the people who ignored me.  Shortly out popped Maddie, our newest addition to the bake staff.  She’s come a long way since the whole hospital ordeal.  Born Nov 19, like all the rest all of a sudden with the Dr. sliding in like kramer to catch her.  She’s super giggly, and smells great in that smelly baby sort of way.  Surprisingly the kids have taken to her really well..A little to well.  Bella is on a baby kick (she has 4) and loves to try and snatch maddie from my arms.  You wouldn’t think a 2 1/2 year old could over power you, but man she’s super strong.

She eats non-stop..about as much as she talks…and she’s always talking.  Thankfully starting last Thursday she has been sleeping through the night YAY.  I can’t wait to tell you more about her and her siblings escapades.


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