I’m not dead, just half alive.

So alot of you have been wonder..What the hell happend to Amanda & Mike..Okay let’s be honest mainly  just me.  It all started last year when our oldest Arthur was admitted into the ICU.  What started out as a little cough ended up in “mommy I don’t feel so well…i think i should go to sleep” and alarm bells ringing in my ears.  Long story short he has asthma, and was experiencing an attack that left him with carbon dioxide poisining because he couldn’t take a proper breath.   It came with no warning, one minute he was fine, and the next well…that’s how asthma works. The Dr. told us if we had waited any longer we would have lost him. We spent 3 days in the ICU, and it turned everything upside down.  Our company Retro Bizzaro was put off to the side, and Michael’s job at the time really didn’t care we almost lost our son.  The dent of the traumatic experience was felt everywhere, especially in our bank account.  Then came an ordeal with lawyer and crazy landlords, leaving us without a place to live.  So we did the only thing we could, we moved to San Antonio where we could stay with my grandparents until I had baby number 3.  We got an offer from a bakery where I learned my love for pastries to run a store and give it a whole new look.  So we took it seeing how Michael couldn’t drive back and forth from Austin, and then that took a turn.  Let’s just say we weren’t getting paid, and blah blah blah I can’t talk about it lawyer says not to.  Which left us jobless, with a baby on the way and little options. 

If you follow me on twitter you know how bad my pregnancy with Maddie was.  During the whole stressful ordeal I fell and sent myself into labor, developed Pelvic Symphisis and ended up in the hospital for 5 days and being induced.  2 weeks after giving birth we packed our bags and moved yet again.

Where are we now? 

I like to call it the butt crack of the north.  We live in a tiny city in Indiana, 45 mintues from Chi-town and right next to the Michigan border.  Michael has gone back to the casino life as a lead Pastry Chef, where he is very happy to be back with his mentor and friends.  Me, well I’m just busy with our 3 kids Arty, Bella, & Maddie, trying to relaunch retro bizzaro for online yums, making an etsy store, decorating our new house (yes we have a house now), getting ready to garden, saving the world, consulting, catering, and on and on and on. 

I’m sorry we left without really explaining or saying goodbye.  We miss all our Austin and  San Antonio friend’s dearly, but I don’t think we were really ready to talk about it, and we just needed to catch our breath.  Things are so much better now, Arty is healthy, Bella is well bella, and Maddie gets fatter by the minute.  We finally have seemed to shake off the bad funk that had been following us around ::knock on wood::

Michael has started his own blog, which he plans to start again soon, and I plan to write here and hopefully Twoforked soon as well. 

My Bizzaro Blog will be just about what’s going on.  All my food, craft, and superhero endevours will be for you all to laugh and drool over.

So until I have a spare second where I’m not being asked to feed someone or being used as a teething tablet I miss you all, and I’m okay.


3 thoughts on “I’m not dead, just half alive.

  1. Rebeccammendations says:

    I WAS wondering when I was going to run into you again in Austin! I am glad to hear you seem settled and on your way. Keep us posted on your little ones and your crafty affairs and let us know when you’re selling Retro Bizarro treats online!

  2. Corrin says:

    We are going to have to get together the next time I’m home! How did you end up in “the region”? Feel free to email me if you’d like to be introduced to other bloggers in your area – there are a ton of them!

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