I Got A Grant!


I’m very excited to announce that I am a recipient of the Indiana Individual Artist Grant!  It’s part of the reason I have been so quiet, as well as the crazy amount of hat making I’ve been trying to do for Lakefront Art Festival.

Soooo what does getting the grant mean?  It means I’ll be able to buy tons of blocks to do bigger more elaborate styles of hats!  It’s scary and amazing all at the same time.  Having these new blocks is going to make a huge difference in my millinery life and will give me new opportunities not only as a designer but  for teaching lessons as well.

I had tons of help putting this grant together and I couldn’t have done it without my 3 amazing friends.  Putting a grant together is no joke but it’s totally worth applying not only for the experience but for a chance to push yourself as a artist.  Most states have programs for artist funding and I encourage all my friends to look them up and apply.

I wish I could write a bigger post but hats await me!  Don’t forget to check out my events to see what I’m up to!



Alpha-Mary Magazine Shoot

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I have been super busy with my hubs business Bowler Man Confections and of course making hats I haven’t had time to post any fun updates!

Just this month I had a piece featured in the new Alpa-Mary Magazine!  You can see my Garden Mouse Ears with some dreamy lingerie from Risque Business Designs issuetmFullscreen capture 5182014 55941 PM.bmp


I also did some fun shoots with Chris Zibutis and Loren Schmidt Photography:


It makes such a huge difference in my Shop when there are amazing professional photos for my listings!  I also added a newsletter to my site by the Shop link!  I plan to do giveaways, updates, and sales in my new newsletter.  In fact there’s a giveaway going on now on my facebook page as well as new events coming up.  Hope to update soon but remember you can always stalk my instagram to see what I’m up to.

Photo Shoots and Hat Classes


It’s good to be busy!  I know I have been horribly slacking on my site but it’s for good reason.  This past week I had a photo shoot and a hat class on top of making hats for the Kentucky Derby.  Also after a amazing Hunt & Gather show I was able to buy a new cloche block and have been busy playing with a much bigger hat style than I’m used to.  But first the hat class!

Clients-001It amazes me every time all the different ideas and styles my students can come up with that I never thought of before.  This class was Daring Derby and all the students learned what it takes to make a fabulous hat for the Kentucky Derby.  After a demonstrations they learned to wire, finish, and design there own hats.  Some were planning to wear there new pieces to Derby parties while others want to add them to there everyday attire.  The next class is Madhatting & Tea July 23 where we will decorate fascinators or mini-top hats.  I’ll have details soon.

Also last week I had a amazing shoot with Chris Zibutis.  We got to take shots of my latest pieces modeled by myself and Monica Zibutis (his wife and also a photographer).  It’s amazing how photos can make such a big difference in how your hats look!  You can see some of the sneak peeks here.  I also have added the new pieces to my shop if your looking for something fabulous to wear to the races or any party this spring.

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My next show is July 26th in Three Oaks, Michigan for Art Attack.  I hope you can stop by!

The Death Of River-Con


I found out through the grapevine that River-Con will not be happening now.  Long story short someone used money they weren’t supposed to.  What upset me was the fact they had known for some time and had not told vendors.  The reason being that they didn’t want to deal with angry emails.  When vendors prep for this show a lot of money and time is spent and if they could have let people know a lot of anger could have been avoided.  In fact I went back and figured I could have saved myself $150 in supplies had they told everyone properly.  I decided to email the vendors myself and some don’t even have facebook.  I dread to think what would have happened if I had not told them.

So now I have all this lovely geekery waiting to be finished……1903005_645230325514205_1509052857_n

There going to have to wait though as I now focus all my attention on Hunt & Gather.  I’m planning to have lots of new things; Mustache veils, flapper headbands, turbans, headchains!  I’m going crazy prepping for this.1900110_642459549124616_971569004_n1011247_644275612276343_1754326915_nI can’t wait to show you more as I get it done.  Till then back to the studio I go!

I’m Back!

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After my last order and all the hoopla of having my hats on The Carrie Diaries my brain shut down and I became a couch vegetable.  After having some fun supplies arrive I’m finally ready to start getting back to work.  In fact most of my time has been going to help my husband re-launch his company Bowler Man Confections.  Now that we seem to have that in a good place it’s back to hats for me.  So be prepared for lots of posts (or so I’m hoping) of new goodies.  Remember you can always follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to.  Until then enjoy this hat I made for First Friday!