Chef Bizzaro Millinery is the creation of Amanda G. Joyner.  Starting off as a Pastry Chef, Amanda decided one day to put down her whisk for her love of hats.  In 2011 she studied with Joy Scott in Chicago, who taught Amanda the basics of hat making.  Since then she has been self teaching herself the art of millinery and infusing it with her quirky designs. As well as sending her hats to clients around the world they have also been seen at the Grammy’s, the New York Fashion Runway for Full Figured Fashion Week, on the hit TV show The Carrie Diaries, and in major publications.


Gena Appleby Photography

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Tascha' Lewis- Davis says:

    Hello Amanda
    We have not met yet, but I can’t wait until we do.
    I was told about you through Julia at the Closet.
    After looking at your website I’ve told all my hat wearing friends. My girlfriend is dying for this hat that she seen somewhere else. I have the pic of it in my phone. So we have to figure out a way to get it to you. We just relocated there recently but Im back and forth to our other property in Illinois. So if you have an email address I can send it to you or the next time Im in Mich City we can meet.
    Just call me Cha’

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